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What is CLEVER?

CLEVER is a DEFI Protocol which distributes automatic interest payments to all wallet addresses on the blockchain that hold any amount of CLVA Token. 

Distribution occurs on-chain each and like clockwork on a pre-programmed routine cycle schedule over 888 fortnightly cycles taking exactly 34.15 years to complete all cycles.

Up to 11% compound interest is paid fortnightly with guaranteed regular payments to all wallets which hold CLVA Token within them. Any Ethereum address on the blockchain is eligible including exchange hot wallets.


What does CLVA stand for? CLeVer Asset

Think of CLEVER as the new smart way to store your wealth which pays a significantly greater interest rate compared to everyday bank accounts which are now outdated that pay little to no interest at all.



  • No Contract, Terms or Staking Needed
    Your CLVA will NEVER be entered into any term contract or staking period whatsoever.

  • No Lock-In’s or Restrictions
    You always have the FREEDOM to move or send your CLVA anywhere within cycles! Your Crypto is your Crypto always.

  • No Penalties Forever
    Buy or sell CLVA at any time with NO PENALTIES ever! The more you own, the more interest you earn!

  • Free Market Conditions

    CLEVER is a 100% Pure DeFi Protocol so from Day 1 we separate greed completely from issuing any free CLVA to ourselves VS other Cryptocurrency teams whom have a personal agenda to sell their own tokens on the market to unsuspecting buyers. This means the CLEVER Team will have NO ability to ‘dump the market’. Instead there will be natural price discovery through increased supply & demand.


  • Automatic Payments
    Everything Happens On-Chain with No Requirement for User Intervention

  • Every Wallet Earns
    Up to 11% Paid Fortnightly Guaranteed with Compound Interest to CLVA Token Holders

  • 888 Fortnightly Cycles
    Every 14 Days Like Regular Clockwork Distribution of Newly Minted CLVA is Awarded

  • Safe & Secure
    CLEVER is a DEFI Protocol with an Automatic Cycle Schedule hard coded into the Smart Contract itself

  • DDM
    CLEVER’s Decentralized Distribution Mechanism (DDM) Guarantees On-Chain that CLVA is Awarded to all beneficiaries

  • DeFi Longevity
    Consisting of  a 34 year vision for Global Adoption CLVA is geared for absolute Mainstream Success

  • Gas-less Fees
    CLEVER uses it’s own unique Interest Distribution System thus no gas is used

  • Verified & Audited
    Smart Contract fully verified and CLEVER Protocol audited by BlockHunters

  • ZERO Initial Supply
    Every CLVA requires minting by a user and as such the CLEVER DEFI Team owns no supply

To read more in-depth about CLVA and how the CLEVER Protocol works, please download our whitepaper.


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