UniSwap Listing LIVE: Adding Liquidity

UniSwap Listing LIVE: Adding Liquidity

Yes, CLVA is Trading Already BUT in Low Liquidity 

A little over 1 month ago we created the CLVA/ETH liquidity pool on UniSwap in anticipation for official market release on March 17th, but you know how people are as it’s human nature to want things immediately without patience to wait…

The minting phase completed on March 3rd and during these past 3 days the public have become aware that the UniSwap pool is indeed active and as such, there has already been trading! 25 trades have already been completed by investors, both buying and selling. Due to this fact we are now forced to publicly announce that trading has commenced early on UniSwap however there is currently insufficient low liquidity.


When will we Add UniSwap Liquidity?

The Clever Protocol was constructed with March 17th being the official date for listing of CLVA/ETH and this date remains unchanged. Why? The 726 Ethereum currently held in the MintSwap contract (ETH used to mint CLVA from the minting phase from users) cannot be manually unlocked as it is held in secure escrow with automatic release initiating March 17th, thus the reason for the official listing date being the same on UniSwap.

On March 17th we will be adding 45% liquidity which is an extremely healthy amount. Click here to view the schedule.


We Need Your Help…to add Liquidity NOW and earn 0.3% of UniSwap Fees for Doing It!

We ask all investors and our entire community to band together by adding liquidity to the CLVA pool

By adding liquidity you are:

  • Helping CLVA become more stable and less volatile by still increasing in price with future demand. 
  • Helping attract new investors earlier than needing to wait an additional 11 days for March 17th.
  • Securing your CLVA in the UniSwap pool directly and still earning Cycle interest each fortnight.
Yes, all CLVA Tokens held in the UniSwap liquidity pool smart contract receive Cycle interest too. (ALL Ethereum wallet addresses including contracts that have CLVA in them will receive automatic paid interest each fortnight). 
This means that when you add liquidity to the pool, you will not only receive fortnightly interest but you will also earn a percentage of 0.3% from UniSwap trading fees. If you wish to remove your liquidity in future –  at any stage you can do this by withdrawing your CLVA holdings + interest + fees earned so you will still receive your Cycle interest as there is no need to worry.

How Can YOU Add Liquidity?

Step 1:

  1. Click this link to visit the CLVA/ETH token pair analytics page.
  2. Click on “Add Liquidity”