CLVA Tokenomics: Finalized Numbers

CLVA Tokenomics: Finalized Numbers

Initial Minting Phase Completion

The initial 30 day minting phase completed on March 3rd, 2021 at 12:00UTC with an accumulated amount of Ethereum(ETH) from individual users totaling 726.50 ETH and 339,927 CLVA minted.


UniSwap Liquidity

In order to achieve adequate liquidity pool pairing, an additional amount of 152,967 CLVA was minted from the Clever Protocol which equates to exactly 45% of the total mint and accumulated ETH metric. In order to protect users and achieve greater price stability there will be a strict liquidity schedule implemented as follows:

The following schedule over the first 3 Cycles will initiate as of March 17th:

  • CYCLE 1:  31% liquidity added.
  • CYCLE 2:  8% liquidity added.
  • CYCLE 3:  6% liquidity added.

All added liquidity will be locked without key access in a cloud secure time-delay for a set period of 12 months.

The first day of public trading on UniSwap begins March 17th. In order to protect interests of users the initial listing price is set by using a median average calculated from the sum of all transactions throughout the minting phase. 

Day 1 listing price will be pegged to 0.0025eth : 1 CLVA and will start active trading via UniSwap on March 17th through the CLVA/ETH pair.

Bounty Campaign & AMA Reward Distribution

The Clever DeFi Bounty Campaign has officially ended on March 2nd, 2021 with a total of 1,013 participants who took part and were eligible to receive compensation from the bounty reward pool. There were also an additional 16 recipients that took part in past AMA rewards. 

The amount of CLVA automatically minted from the Clever Protocol was 16,718 CLVA (total amount of Bounties, AMA rewards and Early Worm Bonuses) with distribution to be paid out to all eligible participants between March 3rd – March 7th, 2021. This will act as the total distributed reward pool with no further eligibility or any future minting distributions.

✅ ENTRY (3rd Mar 2021, 4:15AM UTC): Distribution is now complete with CLVA awards being sent to all wallets 4 days ahead of schedule.


Total Supply

Since the Clever DeFi team owned no initial CLVA tokens, the total and circulating supply is the same figure. By combining initial minted tokens, liquidity pool tokens and bounty distribution the new CLVA Total supply = 509,612 CLVA.

Real-Time API: (Updated every 60 seconds)

Total Supply:

Current Supply:

Circulating Supply:


Maximum Supply

The new updated Total Supply brings with it a new Maximum Supply which is easily calculatable and will be achieved over the next 888 Cycles (34 years) by using the inbuilt Interest + Supply Calculator.

CLVA Maximum supply = 9,519,539 CLVA. 

(Please Note: Maintenance fee of 0.1% is not calculated in the above number).


Forward Outlook

Upon the close of each fortnightly Cycle; automatic interest will be distributed to every Ethereum wallet address containing CLVA tokens which will in return increase the Total Supply at that point until the next inevitable Cycle. Over the entire course of the 888 Cycles which lasts 34.15 years the Max Total Supply of 9,519,539 CLVA will be achieved with addition of the 0.1% maintenance fee.

From this point forward please use Clever Analytics which shows all on-chain data pertaining to past and future interest distributions. This is your primary tool to track CLVA metrics for the next 34 years.

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