Clever Token NFT Out Now w/Physical Coin!

Clever Token NFT

Claim Your Clever Token NFT!

We have released an extremely limited run of only 500 Clever Tokens available to to anyone who wants to get their very own piece of Clever history.  STRICTLY LIMITED TO 500 PIECES ONLY.

Every purchase will 
automatically receive the digital NFT via Rarible aswell as receiving a link to redeem the physical coin which will be mailed out via post.

  • Each Clever Token is genuine and authentic and are minted by hand in Australia.
  • Once the 500 NFT’s are claimed, that’s it as there will be no more coins EVER minted in existence.
Clever Token Minting
What you get:
  • 1x limited edition physical Clever Coin (Diameter: 65mm, Weight: 94g, Material: Metal)
  • 1x certificate of authenticity
  • 1x free gift

How to buy?

Simply head on over to Rarible by using this link and claim your piece of Clever history today!

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