CLVA CLEVER Token Audit is Now Publicly Available

CLVA Clever Token Audit

Clever Token Audit

Today we make public the Clever Audit completed by BlockHunters which has passed all requirements from a Blockchain  security perspective. All source code has been checked with a fine-tooth comb, including all variables, checksums, mechanisms and has been run with multiple distribution tests, all that have passed with flying colours.

We Take Blockchain Seriously

You can trust us to know, deploying and launching a protocol of this scale and magnitude is not taken lightly by us. It is of paramount importance that we get every little thing right, every step of the way. This is why we place a heavy focus on fundamentals in making sure that the Clever Protocol is flawless and operates entirely as expected.

How to View the Audit?

You can download the full Clever Audit Report here.

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