CLEVER Token (CLVA) is set for Launch Feb 1st, 2021

CLVA Launch

Clever Token Launch

We recently announced the world’s first true DeFi Protocol which distributes Automatic Interest Payments to all CLVA Token holders on a pre-programmed routine cycle schedule over 888 fortnightly cycles taking exactly 34.15 years to complete. Up to 11% Compound interest Paid Fortnightly with guaranteed automatic payments for all CLVA Token holders.

When is the Official Launch Date?

The Initial Mint Phase for Clever Token (CLVA) will start February 1st, 2021 and will run for 30 days through to March 2nd, 2021. After this phase is finished the CLEVER Protocol will initialize the beginning of it’s distribution Cycles as per the CLEVER Whitepaper

How to get CLVA after the First 30 Days?

There will be no more chances to mint your own CLVA once the Initial Mint Phase has finalized, instead the only 2 ways of owning CLVA Tokens for the next 34 years, will be:

  1. Buy/Trade CLVA via Crypto Exchanges that offer market pairings or via OTC Desks.
  2. Already owning CLVA in an Ethereum based wallet, thus receiving automatic interest payments in the form of newly minted CLVA at the end of a distribution Cycle.

How does the Clever Team Make Money?

CLEVER is a 100% Pure DeFi Protocol and has been created with a charitable foundational cause in mind to empower the public by giving back to the people.

With this in mind the Clever Team is separated from being awarded ‘free tokens’ which in return eliminates the possibility from decreasing the CLVA market price by dumping their held position. It is vitally important that this dynamic approach is fundamentally understood by all Clever Token holders and investors alike to aid in building asset confidence. CLEVER will allow natural price discovery through increased supply & demand under free market conditions.

As per our Whitepaper there will only be a  minimal fee of 0.1% each cycle dispersed as newly minted CLVA for the upkeep, maintenance and expansion of the CLEVER Network.

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