CLEVER Minting Portal Launched and LIVE!

Clever Token Minting

Minting Your own CLVA Clever Tokens has never been easier!

The CLEVER Portal has now been fully released and is now live. You can visit the official portal by Clicking here.

What is the CLEVER Portal used for?


Stage 1 (Minting Phase):

For the first 30 days (February 1st – March 2nd, 2021) the portal will only be used to mint CLVA tokens.

CLEVER Minting Portal
Stage 2 (Expansion):

The expansion of the portal will be primarily designed to to offer the public a transparent way to track and see all CLVA data. This includes on-chain analysis such as  transactions, cycle periods, dates, dispersed interest payments, current and total supply figures.

For visual aid and ease of use, the portal will feature a cycle timeline displaying all cycles from 1 – 888 which will also update in real-time and show upcoming interest payments to be awarded along with fees collected.

We will also be featuring on-chain charts which will accurately show more in depth data of CLVA Tokens and relative cycles.

Visit the CLEVER Portal.

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